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Top 10 Mining Tech Companies in APAC - 2020

In the current scenario, the advent of emerging technologies has presented mining companies with a significant opportunity to innovate, reduce costs, enhance productivity, improve safety performance, and optimize operational efficiency. That being said, the mining sector not only has to make strides to navigate through disruption and volatility but also work to strengthen relationships with local communities and seek ways to create value beyond compliance. In a bid to overhaul, leading firms in the industry are leveraging AI, and IoT powered automated equipment such as drones and vehicles to ramp up production and cover more area in less time. By utilizing remote monitoring and control of equipment to automate industrial processes such as blasting, drilling, and transportation—site safety can be greatly improved. A critical key to automation is Laboratory information management systems (LIMS). LIMS is vital to determine a clear picture of the work-in-progress status of the lab at any point in time, identifying potential process bottlenecks and producing real-time analysis of large amounts of data for quality control purposes.

When embracing a digital future—miners will have a range of concerns for choosing the best approach to migrate from legacy systems and modernize their core technologies. To help organizations and leaders select the best vendors and advance their mining initiatives, Enterprise Technology Review’s editorial board has assessed and shortlisted Top 10 Mining Tech Companies in the APAC region that are at the forefront of providing cutting-edge technology solutions. These companies offer robust products coupled with innovative strategies that are distinctively prominent in the field. We present to you “Top 10 Mining Tech Companies in APAC - 2020”.

    Top Mining Tech Companies in APAC

  • Having been in the mining industry for over two decades, Okane interprets meaningful information from site-specific data and combines it with effective communication tools such as conceptual models to support mine closure planning for long-term management of mine wastes. Our unique modeling technologies and data management tools allow us to develop conceptual and predictive analytical models that support clients in managing risk throughout their asset’s lifecycle. The company’s innovation and expertise in the mining space has helped us constantly evolve and improve our design methodology for closure planning

  • Headquartered in North Sumatera, Indonesia, PT Growth Asia is on a mission to offer the highest quality products, services, and solutions for the grinding and processing of minerals in the mining industry. Growth manufactures a wide range of high-quality products and offers sustained support to its clients with continuous consultations, and thereby, achieves the highest customer satisfaction. From wear-resistant steel/rubber mill liners to fasteners, grinding media, crushers, and more, all of Growth’s products undergo rapid and intense testing to ensure long-lasting quality.

  • Sandvik Mining and Rock Technology’s automation package for the DD422i and DD422iE underground drilling jumbos boosts operational productivity. The boom collision avoidance system uses a dynamic route recalculation model to predict potential collisions. This prevents the drill from shutting down when the boom encounters a possible collision automatically. Another key part of the package is a teleremote drilling control, which enables the drill for remote operation. This keeps operators away from entering deeper mines, preventing them from the range of health and safety concerns associated with it.

  • Aspen Technology

    Aspen Technology

    Aspen Technology (AspenTech) specializes in embedding artificial intelligence (AI) throughout industrial manufacturing environments. With its leading-edge software, the company is empowering world’s largest mining, oil and gas, chemical, and engineering companies achieve their goals in safety, sustainability, and operational performance. The extensive expertise and knowledge garnered by the company for over three years makes it an ideal provider of robust AI integrations for mining companies. Upgraded with the latest AI and machine learning integrations, AspenTech’s purpose-built software portfolio is enabling mining companies all around the globe to weave a digital thread throughout their design, operation, and maintenance capabilities.

  • Hexagon


    As a global leader in sensor, software, and autonomous solutions, Hexagon is solving surface and underground mine challenges with proven technologies for planning, operations, and safety. The company utilizes data to boost efficiency, productivity, and quality across industrial, manufacturing, infrastructure, safety, and mobility applications. Hexagon’s technologies are revitalizing mining ecosystems to become increasingly autonomous and connected, ensuring a scalable and sustainable future. Hexagon’s mining division is facilitating connectivity throughout the mines with robust technologies powered by real-time data. Driven by professionals, Hexagon’s solutions are tailored to the needs of customers and delivered according to term goals of their mines.

  • Mintrex


    Minitrex enables mining companies to reduce their capital risk by converting ideas into effective investments. As an engineering consulting, project management, and asset management company, Minitrex is providing cost-effective solutions to the international mineral extraction industries. Its extensive, project-specific expertise and “Zero-Base Design” provides value-adding service saving money and minimizing risk for clients. Minitrex believes that effective project controls allow lump sum prices for design of well-scoped projects. The company is transparent about risks and opportunities while managing the total project risk for their clients. All the customers of Minitrex have benefited from the company’s reinvestment of mutual learnings from long term relationships to minimize costs.

  • Motion Metrics

    Motion Metrics

    Motion Metrics specializes in the development of advanced monitoring solutions designed to augment safety, efficiency, and productivity in mining. Since 2004, the Vancouver-based mining technology company has leveraged its expertise in artificial intelligence and rugged remote sensing to enhance safety, productivity, and energy efficiency at mines and quarries around the world. Backed by an expert team of over 90 scientists, engineers, and business professionals, the company is solving some of the toughest challenges in the industry. Motion Metrics’ market-leading solutions have been installed at more than 60 mines owned by the world’s largest mining companies.

  • PT Putra Perkasa Abadi

    PT Putra Perkasa Abadi

    PT. Putra Perkasa Abadi is a full service coal mining contractor delivering value-added services to customers. The company provides robust surface mining and earth moving capabilities. As an organization focusing on continuous improvement and process engineering, it’s scope of contract includes OB removal, coal mining, hauling road maintenance, and coal crushing plants. The company conforms it’s workflow in accordance with the law of Indonesia, while also ensuring compliance with international mining safety and environmental standards. Currently, the company is operating 52 big fleets and 33 small fleets of truck and shovel, assisting in the production of over 36 million tons of coal per annum.

  • Somerset International

    Somerset International

    Somerset focuses on technologies surrounding the conversion of coal to liquid fuels. The company has developed a range of cutting-edge technologies and systems to recover and dewater fine coal, manage tailings waste streams, and clean acidic mine water. Somerset has 18 operations across the globe, with establishments in the USA, Australia, Canada, and Russia. The Somerset team specializes in fine coal recovery, coal handling, and processing and coal operations with decades of experience in the global resources sector. The company has successfully designed and implemented major coal handling facilities, applying new technologies to deliver enhances performance.

  • SRK Consulting

    SRK Consulting

    SRK is an independent, international consultancy providing focused advice and solutions to clients from the earth and water resource industries. For mining projects, the company offers services from mine exploration to closure. Backed by experiences specialists from the varying fields of due diligence, technical studies, mine waste and water management, permitting, and mine rehabilitation, SRK is developing innovative approaches and practical techniques designed to meet the unique needs and financial objectives of the clients. The company has partnered with many of the world’s major, medium-sized, and small metal and industrial mining houses, exploration companies, financial institutions, construction firms, and government departments.